Pakistanis were furious after watching Gadar 2 and reacted in a way that makes you laugh

Almost a week has passed since the release of Gadar 2. Still, the appeal of this film remains. While Sunny Deol as Tara Singh captures the hearts of people in India, on the other hand, people in Pakistan get very angry after watching this movie. He doesn’t like that Sunny Deol enters the country like this and wreaks havoc in the film. He reacts in such a way that even you can’t stop laughing.

A video recently went viral on social media. In it, a Pakistani man asks a local reporter how he felt when Sunny’s character, Tara Singh, came here to stir up trouble and hit people with a hammer. In response, one Pakistani man says, “Sunny should be hit with a hammer too, but who’s got the guts, tell me?” Another Pakistani man demanded that Sunny Deol be called to Pakistan and do all the routine work. If you call them here, buckets of water will be picked up. Flour is bought, many packets of sugar are also picked up there.

Speaking about a scene where Sunny is seen hitting Pakistanis with a hammer, one Pakistani man said, “Yeh to film mein dikha rahe hai, zara yahan aaye to hum uske bataiye.” The Pakistani kids here are so brave. This is just a movie. Let him come here once and we’ll tell him what’s really going on here. If this character comes to Pakistan again, I will fight with him. Then the reporter said that Sunny Deol’s hand weighed two and a half kilos. So he said he was lying. When he comes here, his hand will be very heavy. I got a six pack from makeup, I’m going to finish that. send once.

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