Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed threw a microphone at the audience during a live performance, later clarified!

Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed is in the headlines these days for throwing the microphone at the audience during a live performance. The incident occurred when he reached the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) Youth Music Festival in Falia, Pakistan. There he was performing and suddenly lost his temper and threw the microphone from the stage towards the audience.

When this video of Bilal Saeed went viral on social media, people often trolled him. After the matter spread, Bilal explained his actions. The singer posted several of his photos on Instagram, explained the reason for throwing away the microphone and said that he loves his fans very much.

While sharing the post, Bilal Saeed wrote, “The stage has always been my whole world.” I have always felt most complete and alive when performing! I forget my illness, tension and worries. When I perform for my fans, I leave everything behind and no matter what happens, nothing should stand in the way of me and my respect for the stage.

The Pakistani singer further wrote in the post, “I love my fans and sometimes that love can prove to be too much for both parties.” It wasn’t the first time someone in the crowd was rude, but it was definitely the first Time that I reacted wrongly. I should never have left the stage.

We tell you that recently a video of Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also went viral in which he hit his student with slippers. The singer later clarified this and also apologized to his student.

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