Pakistani fan tattooed the name of Sonam Bajwa, the reaction of the actress will surprise you

Talking about the famous actresses in the Punjabi film industry, the name of Sonam Bajwa will definitely be included in it. Sonam Bajwa continues to be a part of the spotlight through her social media posts. Now comes the news that a Pakistani fan of Sonam has tattooed the actress’s name on her hand. Meanwhile, now Sonam Bajwa has given her reaction to this matter.

Of course, Sonam Bajwa belongs to the Punjabi film industry. But the popularity of Sonam Bajwa is also very high in Bollywood. Not only this, Sonam Bajwa fans are present both at home and abroad. This can be gauged by the fact that there are a large number of Sonam supporters in the neighboring country of Pakistan. That fan has the name of her favorite actress Sonam Bajwa tattooed on her bicep. After this, that Pakistani fan shared the photo of this tattoo on the social media platform Twitter.

Now, this image has been retweeted by Sonam Bajwa on her official Twitter account. In addition to giving his reaction, Sonam has written that, ‘What, let me be frank about it first.’ I mean, clearly, even Sonam is quite shocked by the love and madness of this Pakistani fan.

Sonam Bajwa recently accompanied Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar to the United States for his show The Entertainers. During this trip, Sonam Bajwa also performed on stage with Akshay Kumar. Many Sonam Bajwa dance videos on this occasion went viral on social media. However, now Sonam Bajwa has returned to India and has started working on her next project.

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