Pakistani businessman wins cases against British government

London: A Pakistani businessman in the UK has won a big victory in his case against the British Home Office, the court has ordered the businessman’s multiple entry visa to be restored, compensation for imprisonment and legal fees to be returned.

According to the details, after the end of the deportation case from the London High Court, Pakistani businessman Jaber Siddique, also known as Jaber Motiwala, from Karachi, won a big victory against the British government.

Jaber Motiwala’s lawyers had filed a case against the British government in the Royal Court of Justice in London for visa cancellation, illegal detention and payment of legal expenses, which was decided in favor of Jaber Motiwala.

During the hearing, the British government admitted that former home minister Priti Patel had illegally canceled Motiwala’s visit visa and imprisoned him in a British jail.

On Jaber Motiwala’s review application, Royal Court of Justice Judge Mrs Justice Alan Bogen ruled that the Home Office had illegally canceled Jaber Motiwala’s visit visa and that the then Home Minister Priti Patel had not applied the correct law. What did

Later, the British court said in its decision that the cancellation of the visa of Pakistani Jaber Motiwala and keeping him in custody was illegal in any case.

The court, while ordering the Home Office to pay damages, ordered the restoration of Jabarmoutiwala’s multiple entry visa, 7 days of jail time, and legal fees.

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