Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah wants to beat Kangana Ranaut twice, she said – she has no idea

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has made a name for herself in the industry today with her strong acting. The actress is also known for her openness. She always expresses her open opinion on every topic. However, they often have to be trolled. Now Pakistani actress Nausheen Sah has set her sights on Kangana. Naushin even talked about beating Kangana.

Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah vented her anger against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Momin Saqib’s talk show ‘Had Kar Di’. When asked on the show which Bollywood actor she would like to meet, Nausheen said that she really wants to meet Kangana Ranaut and even slaps her. He said: “The way she says nonsense about my country, the way she says a lot of nonsense about the Pakistan Army, I appreciate her courage.” She has no idea but talks about the country, also the country of one others. Focus on your country, focus on your acting…focus on your controversies, ex-boyfriends and other things.

Nausheen further questioned Kangana’s knowledge and said, “How do you know that people are mistreated in Pakistan?” How do you know about the Pakistan Army? How do you know our agencies? We ourselves don’t know, the agencies are in our country, the army is in our country, they don’t share these things with us. They are secret. What are not?

At the end, he also praised Kangana and said, “Great actress.” Beautiful, she is a very beautiful woman. But I’m sorry, when it comes to respecting other people and countries he is very bad… he is an extremist.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut posted a long note on her Twitter on Tuesday explaining why Bharat is more meaningful than India and wrote, “What is there to love about this name?” Firstly, they couldn’t pronounce ‘Sindhu’ so distorted it she changed it to “Indus”. Then sometimes Hindus, sometimes Indos, everything was made into India through a compromise.” Talking about Kangana’s work front, Chandramukhi 2 will be releasing soon. Kangana’s Emergency will also release this year.

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