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Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has this special connection to India, saying of the ban: “I miss the streets there.”

Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has this special connection to India, saying of the ban: "I miss the streets there."

Pakistan’s popular actor Adnan Siddiqui misses Bollywood very much. On the big screen, he starred alongside Sridevi in ​​”Mom.” After this film, he received many offers, but in the meantime, India banned Pakistani actors and his projects could not be completed. Adnan, in a special interview with ABP News, said entertainment connects hearts and there should be no restrictions. Adnan’s very popular series Mere Paas Tum Ho will be broadcast in India from August 2nd. In connection with this, the actor had a special conversation with ABP News. He also shared that he has a very emotional relationship with India.

I miss Bollywood a lot. It was great to be there. Worked with great people. I miss friendship I miss these places. A very good friendship connected with Amar Singh Saheb, he passed away. miss her Coincidentally the area he lived in is Azamgarh…he has…Ghazipur…I miss him. My father used to live there. I have never managed to go there. If there was no visa, he could not go.

Had a natural friendship with Amar Singh. We weren’t work friends. Boney Kapoor introduced me to him. They didn’t talk about work. There was general friendship. We never talked about politics and art. He never had anything to do with acting. Must have been in India but I’ve never had a conversation like this.

There were many offers, there were also many auditions. When they found out that I live in Pakistan, the matter could not be resolved. They thought I only live in India. A lot of people used to think that I only belong to India. But then I came back. I was also offered many TV commercials. I was offered two or three films but this series could not be completed.

There has to be an exchange. In the past, people came and went. This art connects all hearts. It all ended at once. It wasn’t supposed to end completely. Entertainment connects the hearts of others. Whether poetry or paintings, they connect hearts, there are no cracks, there is only and only love.”

Adnan has two daughters and he also shares their pictures. i am very strict I feel like you can teach children values. Not in stock online. I don’t go into his private life. I don’t even know his Insta name. There is definitely a rule of sleeping one after the other. You can assign values ​​to them. If he listens it’s fine, if he doesn’t listen it’s his wish.

I get up early in the morning. I try to do sports. I am going to have breakfast afterwards. I don’t eat anything in the afternoon. I have dinner at 7 p.m. After that I don’t eat anymore. Adnan also said at the end that he neither smokes nor drinks.

We tell you that after four years, Adnan Siddiqui will be back in the role of a poet in “Tere Khushboo Mein Basse Khat”. These days his very popular series Mere Paas Tum Ho is being broadcast on TV in India.

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