Pakistan: thieves steal temple goddess crown and donation box money, desecrate idols

The thieves desecrated the idol by entering a temple in Kotri in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

Karachi: Thieves desecrated idols by entering a temple in Kotri, located in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Along with this, he also stole the crown of the Mother Goddess, the silver necklace of the gods, and the money from the donation box. The cost of the Goddess crown and the necklace of the deities is said to be 40 lakhs. Around Rs 25,000 in cash was also reportedly kept in the donation box. In giving information about this, the devotees who worshiped in the temple said that the thieves had desecrated the idols of the deities and robbed the temple.

‘The thieves took many valuables, including gold jewelry’

Some chaotic items reportedly entered the Aghani temple located in Kotri and stole many valuables, including gold jewelry. Members of the Hindu community said the thieves not only took valuables, but also desecrated the idols of their deities. Meanwhile, Sindh Minority Affairs Minister Gyan Chand Israni ordered SSP Jamshoro to immediately arrest the thieves and retrieve the stolen items.

Temple vandalism incidents are common in Pakistan

Incidents of vandalism, theft, etc. of temples are common in Pakistan. In recent months, there has been an increase in attacks on religious sites by minorities. There are significant numbers of Hindus in the province of Sindh and they often face excesses. Not only are their places of worship targeted, but incidents of the kidnapping of minor girls and their marriage by conversion to religion are also common. Several cases of forced conversions and minority atrocities in Pakistan have made international news.

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