Pakistan remains on the red list, and British MPs are also shocked by the government’s decision.

Afzal Khan said: “The Indian variety of Corona has caused more damage in the UK. The Indian variant of the Delta has also spread in the UK.”

“Despite this situation, the government’s decision to remove India from the red list was a surprise,” he said.

Afzal Khan said that “Pakistan’s name was kept on the red list, the authorities have not clarified it yet, even before it was not included on the red list, which people pressured the government on. So they had to take that one. decision”.

“Once again, the British government has removed India from the red list to the amazement and surprise of the people,” he added.

It should be remembered that India has divided different countries into three categories of ‘Red, Amber, and Green’ to avoid the crown, which is called the traffic light system.

The British government made some changes to the list yesterday, in which the rank of the different countries was changed. Surprisingly, the UK changed India from the red list to amber.

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