Pakistan relies on artificial rain to combat air pollution

Pakistan experienced with artificial rain to combat polluted air. Specifically, this technique, known as cloud seeding, is being used in Lahore, one of the most polluted cities in the world.

The artificial is not the precipitation itself, but its provocation, something they achieve through said cloud seeding. “Small condensation nuclei are inserted into the cloud so that they create or produce more rain,” explains Joanna Ivars, meteorologist at Blaze Trends.

Specifically, this method consists of firing loaded rockets Silver iodide, dry ice or table saltto inoculate the particles.

“The humidity connects to these condensation nuclei, droplets form and precipitation occurs,” says Carlos Pastor, physicist.

The truth is cloud seeding It was invented more than 70 decades ago, But it’s far from perfect technology, and no matter how hard we try, humans can’t control time.

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