Pakistan News: 16 graves of Ahmadiyya community were defiled, only Muslims to say, there is no place for them in Pakistan

Ahmadiya Community In Pakistan- India TV Hindi News
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Ahmadiya Community In Pakistan


  • Sacrificing with 16 tombs of Ahmadiyya community in Punjab province
  • So far 185 graves of Ahmadiyya community have been desecrated
  • Hate being spread against Ahmadis by religious fanatics in Pakistan

Pakistan News: In Pakistan’s Punjab province, 16 tombs of the Ahmadiyya community were allegedly desecrated by religious fanatics over the use of Islamic symbols on tombstones. Jamaat Ahmadiyya Punjab spokesperson Amir Mahmood said on Wednesday that 16 graves belonging to Ahmadi community were desecrated by some unidentified people at a graveyard at Chak 203 RB Manawala in Faisalabad district. The site of the incident is about 150 km from the province’s capital Lahore. Ayahs were written on stones on many graves of the community’s gravestones. Mahmood said that this cemetery is 75 years old and no such incident had happened before. He alleged that Muslim clerics of the area were spreading hatred against the Ahmadiyya community and that is why the fundamentalists have desecrated the community’s graves.

Hate is spreading targeting the fundamentalist Ahmadiyya community

Aamir Mehmood said, “The bereaved families are deeply saddened by this act and they hope for justice from the government itself. This act is not only illegal but also clearly against all human values.” In the past also, graves of members of the Ahmadiyya community have been targeted by extremists in different parts of Pakistan. According to Mahmood, only this year 185 graves have been desecrated. He said the “relentless persecution” shows a complete disregard for the rights of the Ahmadi community and creates a deep sense of insecurity among the minorities.

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Ahmadiyya community is also prohibited from calling themselves Muslims in Pakistan.

The Parliament of Pakistan declared the Ahmadi community as non-Muslim in 1974. A decade later, the community was also banned from calling itself Muslims. They are also prohibited from preaching and going to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah. Out of the 22 crore population of Pakistan, about 10 million people are non-Muslims.

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