Pakistan gets sharp bowlers through tape ball, these balls started the careers of Rauf and Zaman.

Tapeball cricket is very famous in Pakistan. In such cricket games, tennis is played by wrapping tape around the ball. This makes the ball as heavy as a leather ball, although this ball is still lighter than a leather ball. In street cricket, such arrangements are generally made as it is not possible to get expensive leather balls. However, players who play cricket with such balls are now causing a stir at the international level.

Pakistan fast bowler Haris Rauf is the best example of this. The financial situation of Rauf’s family was not good. He rarely had the opportunity to play cricket with a leather ball. In such a situation, he often bowled with tape ball. While bowling these balls, his speed increased and he also started bowling deadly yorkers. He has earned a special place for himself as a fast bowler in international cricket.

Like Rauf, Zaman Khan, another Pakistani bowler, has also played a lot of tape-ball cricket. Zaman’s parents also worked as domestic laborers. Zaman loved playing cricket since his childhood. In such a situation, the tape ball became his support. By improving his bowling with these balls he reached the international level.

In Pakistan there are not only Rauf and Zaman, but many such bowlers who have now achieved good positions in cricket with tape ball. Many bowlers who play in the Pakistan Super League are the product of tape ball cricket. Recently, the Pakistani tapeball cricketer playing for Uganda qualified his team for the 2024 T20 World Cup. Riyazat Ali Shah played a lot of tape ball cricket in Pakistan and similar balls made him an all-rounder. He now plays international cricket for Uganda.

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In Pakistan, tape ball cricket is played with only 10 to 20 overs. There aren’t many rules like LBW here. The batsman swings the bat from the first ball. On the other hand, the bowler prevents the score from increasing by introducing different types of variations in his balls for fear of hitting fours and sixes. During this period, the application of tape to the ball continues every few overs. This fast-paced cricket format is very popular in Pakistan, which is why players who have emerged from it are now making a name for themselves at international level.

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