Pakistan Cricket Board May Face Another Big Blow, May Be Snatched From Hosting Champions Trophy

On one hand, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is constantly striving to host the Asian Cup. Meanwhile, the home of the Champions Trophy which will be contested in the year 2025 may now also be taken away from him. If this decision is taken by the ICC, then it can be considered a huge blow to the Pakistan Cricket Board.

According to the News 18 news regarding the Champions Trophy to be held in 2025, it can be organized at the joint headquarters of the West Indies and America. At the same time, the T20 World Cup which will take place in the year 2024 can be moved to England by hosting the West Indies and America. In fact, the cricket field in the United States still does not meet the ICC standard and the change of the T20 World Cup will give it time to improve.

The ICC is currently in discussion with all cricket boards as to where the venue for these events should be changed. Not a single ICC event has been held in Pakistan since 1996. Faced with such a situation, when it got the Champions Trophy host, the board expressed great happiness. Now, by taking away his accommodation, he will get compensation from the ICC, but it is believed that the board will be in trouble. The final decision on this will be made at the ICC annual meeting in Durban in July.

The hybrid model put forward by the Pakistan Cricket Board to host the Asian Cup was rejected by the Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka Cricket Boards. Now in such a situation, it is believed that the Asian Cup will also be held in another country. In such a situation, it can be considered a double whammy for Pakistan.

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