Pakistan are number one in Group A, Sri Lanka tops Group B, see Asian Cup points table

The 2023 Asian Cup started on August 30th. Four games have been played in the tournament so far. So far only the Pakistani team could qualify for Super-4. Pakistan is number one in Group A. At the same time, the Indian team occupies the second number. India must win the next game against Nepal to qualify in the Super 4. At the same time, Sri Lanka is at the top of Group B.

Pakistan have played two games, one of which the team won and the other was undecided. Thus, Pakistan is the leader of the A group with 3 points. While Team India has only played one game, that has not been conclusive. The Indian team is second in their group by a point behind Pakistan. Team India will play their next match against Nepal on Monday 4th September in which a win will qualify India for the Super 4.

At the same time, the third team in Group A, Nepal, is represented in third place. Nepal has only played one game so far, which the team has lost. Other than that, the Bangladesh team is second in the group with 2 points and 1 win out of 2. While Afghanistan are the third and last team in Group B to lose after a game.

Let us tell you that the Indian team will play against Nepal for the first time in international cricket as part of the Asian Cup. Both India and Nepal are playing their second Asian Cup game today. The team that wins this game qualifies directly for the Super 4. However, Nepal’s path against India will not be easy. Nepal lost to Pakistan for the first time.

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