Home Sports Paddy Pimblett subdues ten marines

Paddy Pimblett subdues ten marines

Paddy Pimblett subdues ten marines

Paddy Pimblett has earned the sympathy of MMA fans. The charismatic fighter he injured his right ankle after his last win over Jared Gordon via unanimous decision at UFC 282. While recovering from surgery, he creates content for his YouTube channel, where he reacts to combat and comments on the current panorama of the sport. This time, the Liverpool fighter visited the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Basein San Diego, to make circuits and train with them. He managed to subdue ten marines, who are experts in Krav Magá.

Not only did he subdue a Marine, but Paddy Pimblet overpowered ten Krav Maga experts. He ended up exhausted, but he came out of the challenge successfully. He also made a complete circuit that the marines do in preparation to improve their resistance. The course included bag work, jumping lunges, push-ups, twists, sit-ups, front crawl and even soldier lifting. The Briton demonstrated his skills and his great capacity, and impressed everyone in a video that already adds 271,000 views.

Paddy The Baddy explained to his training partners that day the importance of the support system found in family and friends. The Liverpool fighter has always shared his problems with mental health and encourages others to do the same and to seek help whenever necessary. After beating Jordan Leavitt in the UFC LondonPimblett shared in the Octagon that a friend of his had committed suicide the day before, the message arrived with the sad news five hours before the weigh-in. “There is a stigma in this world that men can’t talk about. Listen, if you’re a man and you have a weight on your shoulders, and you think the only way to solve it is to kill yourself, please talk to someone. Talk to someone… I know I’d rather have my partner cry on my shoulder than go to his funeral next week. So please let’s get rid of this stigma, and men start talking”, declared the Briton.

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