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Pacquiao lost but still hasn’t left

Before deciding whether to continue boxing or not, Manny pacquiao He will soon have to make another essential decision: whether or not to run in the Philippine presidential elections in June 2022. A former ally of current President Roberto Duterte, from his position as Senator Pacquiao has now gone on to denounce him for acts of corruption. And he believes that the time has come to face him at the polls. But he still hasn’t solved it.

Only afterwards will Pacquiao decide if the time has come to put an end to his fabulous campaign as a boxer or if there is still room for something more. Many speculated that if at dawn on Sunday, he defeated the Cuban Yordenis Ugás and recovered the welterweight crown of the World Boxing Association, could announce his retirement above the ring of the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. As he clearly lost in a unanimous ruling (116/112 on Libero’s card), we will have to keep waiting.

“In the future, you may not see Manny Pacquiao in the ring anymore, I don’t know. Let me relax, rest and I will decide whether or not to continue.” said the Philippine phenomenon as soon as the ruling against him was announced. In truth, Pacquiao and Ugás should never have faced each other. The Philippine Pacman had to face Errol Spence, the champion of the Council and the Federation, and Ugas was going to defend his title of the Association against the Argentine Fabián Maidana, Marcos’s brother. But since Spence had to undergo emergency surgery for a detached retina and Maidana suffered a cut in his left eye during training, it was necessary to make two fights, one and put together a rush card.

Instead, it was Pacquiao (66,138 kg) who was hurt. He was unable to conveniently adjust his strategy to the new rival and ended up being outscored by Ugas (66,678) who managed the long distance with his extended left jab and direct and applied the clearest blows. Especially a right outside that Pacquiao always saw coming but could never avoid. At 42 years of age and after a long inactivity of just over two years due to the pandemic, it was clear that his best moment has passed and that little and nothing remains of the ghostly speed of his arms and legs, with which he has been four decades has been astonishing the world.

“I hope I have earned everyone’s respect.” said Ugas who few saw with entity to beat Pacquiao. But it beat him well. And it put him in front of a historical crossroads: the ring or power. The Philippine Pacman will have to define it soon. Time passes for everyone, even for phenomena like him.


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