One of the possibilities is the experienced coach to take the reins of the Elche team

The owners of the Elche CF they continue to work on identifying and capturing a coach that fits the team’s themes. And in that great accumulation of possibilities he has gone deep Paco JemezSince he left Rayo Vallecano more than a year ago, he has not trained any team in either the first or second division.

It seeks to harness that enormous sense of engage with higher ups to deliver a strong message, and it is willing. You have the experience and you think you have arguments to take a template like the one you have Elche at this time to try to turn around a situation that has exploded on the last day after the most recent defeat.

Paco Jémez Deportivo
Paco Jémez, option for Elche CF

Without showing a flash of clarity, Paco Jémez lets see what his intention is in Elche if he gives him the opportunity

The first thing to say is that he himself has declared that this fantasy is not real. There have been no contacts and although he always seeks to praise the club, he knows that until there is confirmation there is no way to go to the front. He says that the city is wonderful and that the club is one of the most emblematic in the country. A football environment that lives and feels the sport as he loves it.

He describes the team’s squad as a balanced squad, with players of enormous talent and full of individuals capable of solving at any moment. They need to unite the group work and become stronger in the defensive zone, something in which he believes he feels very well prepared. A starting point and one that you want to hit at least to sow doubts.

The endorsement of Escribá has been seen simply as a colleague’s solidarity

At the end of one of his regular football talks, he expressed regret about what happened to Fran Escribá. He knows the kind of professional he is and as always in football, when the results are not given, the coach ends up paying. It is part of what surrounds the sport and he understands it perfectly.

With a lot of background in: Córdoba, Las Palmas, Rayo Vallecano or Granada, Paco Jémez is running without permits to take the club for salvation. The idea of ​​the board of directors is to get through this bad moment as soon as possible to once and for all get rid of that weight and not extend the agony like last year, until the last day.


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