Home Sports Pablo Prigioni: "The Olympic Pre Repechage is our World Cup"

Pablo Prigioni: "The Olympic Pre Repechage is our World Cup"

Pablo Prigioni: "The Olympic Pre Repechage is our World Cup"

The coach of the Argentine basketball team, Paul Prigionistated that the Olympic pre-qualifier for the Americas for the 2024 Paris Gameswhich will take place in the country from August 12 to 20, enthuses him about the challenge of “being able to collaborate in the development of future generations” and he assured that this instance constitutes a kind of “World Cup” for the team.

“The Olympic Pre-repeechage is our World Cup. The illusion of focus on a young group to create structure and be able to collaborate in the development of those generations that are coming, I am equally excited and that is why it is a bit the decision to continue in charge of the selection”, said the DT in a note with the specialized site Basketball Plus.

In addition, Prigioni maintained that nOr do you still know if you can count on Gabriel Deck? due to the injury he recently suffered in a Real Madrid game for the Euroleague. However, he said that he is “optimistic” in relation to the times.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced a month ago that Argentina will host the Basketball Olympic Prequalifier, which will take place from August 12 to 20facing the Paris 2024 competition. Argentina will compete against Uruguay, Panama, Colombia, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Chile and Cuba and only the winner of the contest will take the pass to the next phase. The winners of each continent will join the teams that have qualified for the 2023 World Cup and will fight for the places that remain to be completed for the Olympic Games.

“The margin of error is minimal and we need to have all of them and I think it has to be a challenge that we all have to face, this year and next, to get a place next year in the Pre-Olympic,” he continued in relation to those present. ” I approach it as a tournament of maximum difficulty, with protection, because If we go complete, everyone is going to expect us to win it, and that adds difficulty.”added the DT.

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