Home Sports Pablo Machín and Lautaro Blanco debut with victory against the WBA

Pablo Machín and Lautaro Blanco debut with victory against the WBA

Pablo Machín and Lautaro Blanco debut with victory against the WBA

Pablo Machín has made his debut on the Elche bench with a victory against West Bromwich Albion (1-0), English Championship team. A triumph in official commitment cannot yet be celebrated, but the first challenge of the technician Soriano has settled with “good image and many occasions in a training match marked by heavy rain”, as reported by the entity, given that the commitment held at the Oliva Nova Golf facilities has been played behind closed doors. Ponce scored the winning goal.

Machín has rehearsed with his usual system of three central. Her first eleven It has been the one formed by Axel Werner; Josan Ferrández, John Chetauya, Gonzalo Verdú, Diego González, Carlos Clerc; Omar Mascarell, Gerard Gumbau, Álex Collado; Lucas Boye and Roger Marti. In the first part, the company Roger Martí and Lucas Boyé have starred in several opportunities to score, but the goal waited for the second half.

After going through the locker rooms, Machín only kept John Chetauya and gave entry to another ten footballers to form With: Edgar Badia; Pol Lirola, Helibelton Palacios, John Chetauya, Pedro Bigas, Lautaro Blanco; Domingos Quina, Raúl Guti, Nico Fernández; Pere Milla and Ezequiel Ponce. The goal came in the 68th minute, in a definition of Ponce above the goalkeeper.

In the second part, the player of the subsidiary Cocca rested John Chetauya. The only three footballers who have had break due to injury have been Fidel Chaves, Tete Morente and Enzo Rocoin addition to the discarded Fede Fernández and Javier Pastore, who are not concentrated in Oliva and do not enter into Machín’s plans.

The main news of the friendly match, in addition to the debut of Pablo Machín and his coaching staff, was the Lautaro Blanco’s debut as an Elche player, acting as winger on the left wing. The team will be in Oliva until tomorrow and after morning training they plan to return to the city. The next friendly will be next Thursday, December 8, at the XLI Festa d’Elx against Leeds Unitedof the Premier League.

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