Pablo Laso: “What am I going to tell them, throw them away and put them in?

Pablo Laso was disappointed after Real Madrid’s defeat in the Cup final and after a game in which his approach worked perfectly from the start. His team, however, crashed in the last setwhen he saw himself for the first time in the entire pro tournament behind on the scoreboard.

“It was a game in which we did a good job, but we didn’t have a sensation of offensive quality in the key moments. We have missed clear shots, like Gabi’s last one. That hit was missing. The team has worked very well, we have to give them credit for that because there were many players who arrived just physically. The team has given everything”, assured the man from Vitoria.

About Adam Hanga’s injury, Laso did not comment: “We will assess tomorrow, hopefully it’s just the blow. He couldn’t get back into the game.” And he once again ensured that his team made merits to obtain a better result: “Each game is different, regardless of whether you win or lose. We have been very good in many aspects of the game, I can not be dissatisfied. What can I tell you that they throw them and put them? That’s what they want.”

Laso insisted that they were waiting for a resolution on the wire: “If you look at the partials it was a match from more to less. They, from less to more. We were able to equalize with seconds to go. I knew that we were not going to win easy and that it would not break. There was a lack of success in important moments to maintain control of the game”. And he celebrated the good defensive attitude of his players: “Defensively we have been very good the whole game. They have found something in consecutive actions, but we have worked well on defensive actions”.

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I am not happy, but I am proud because the team has worked well. 59 points are few for us, the defensive effort has still taken its toll. The game is decided in the final plays”, concluded Laso referring to the problems his team is having: “I don’t like losing players, I’m not happy. In the last two or three weeks I’ve lost one for the entire season, another for two or three weeks and now I’m waiting for Hanga… There are players who have only just reached the Cup due to injuries”.

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