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Pablo Laso: “Our staging has been decisive”

Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid, highlighted the great work of the whole team and pointed out that “the staging was decisive“.”Our staging has been decisive, both for the defense and for the success. We got a 17-point lead in the first quarter that we managed quite well afterwards thanks to the defense“said Pablo Laso.

We have given a great feeling of defensive solidity, it has been a great job from the whole team. It is an important triumph against the champion, but this does not end but begin“He added. The Real Madrid coach pointed out that”it was a nice day to win“.”Before the champion, with the return of the public. Sometimes the result is also good“he commented.

I’m very happy with everything and everyone, although we have to improve many things. Edy has had a difficult summer and has had good numbers, but Vincent’s (Poirier) rotation has been magnificent and the statistics are not good for him. Rudy has gotten to have a negative evaluation, but with him on the track we had a +12“, he meant.

The technician also highlighted rebound control as one of the keys. “It has allowed us to have possessions and therefore control the rhythm of the game. There is no better way to start a competition“, Pablo Laso concluded.

Ataman: “It seemed like we came on vacation”

Ergin Ataman, Anadolu Efes coach, did not hesitate to qualify as “horrible“the first quarter of his team, adding that it looked like they were”on vacation in Madrid“.”We lost the game in the first quarter, our performance was horrible. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my team make a room like this. Zero assists, six counterattacks“Ataman said.”In the rebounds it has been worse still, 42-18. It is as if we have come to do tourism. Madrid was ready and we were not. And with the difference of the first quarter later it is already impossible“, concluded Ergin Ataman.

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