Home Sports Pablo Laso: “It’s inevitable to have the Final Four in your head”

Pablo Laso: “It’s inevitable to have the Final Four in your head”

Pablo Laso: "Es inevitable tener la Final Four en la cabeza"

Paul Lasomanager of Real Madrid, commented that it was “inevitable to have the EuroLeague Final Four in my head”, to then add that they had to “show their best level in the two remaining games” in the League.

“It is inevitable that you have the ‘Final Four’ in your head but There are two league games left against very good teams that are fighting to enter the playoffs. For us, it is important to value the games, that they are worth it to us and to be able to play good games if we want to get them out”, Laso told the club’s media.

Madrid, in principle, empty the infirmary with the discharge of Rudy Fernández.

In principle, all the players are fine except Alocén, who is still out. They have trained normally. Last week was good in that regard. We have been able to train well and recover. We are used to playing three or four games a week and last week, against Obradoiro, we lacked that competitive rhythm a bit. But the team did a good job to secure our position in the league,” he observed.

UCAM Murcia still has options to play the ‘playoff’.

“It is a very complicated rival, a team with a lot of physicality in all positions. He arrives with options to the ‘playoff’ and that speaks very well of his work. They have played the Copa del Rey and we know that for us it is a difficult game against a team that plays with a lot of energy”, he highlighted.

“The competition is what gives you rhythm. Training is very good but what you have to do is play and compete. For us they are two very good games and we have to think about showing our best competitive level, regardless of whether everyone is thinking about the ‘Final Four’ next week”, he pointed out.

“It would be absurd not to give importance to these games. We must respect rivals. They are playing things and we need to play our best game possiblePablo Laso concluded.



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