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Pablo Iglesias: "The extreme right works with the same keys in Spain and Latin America"

The former vice president of Spain, Pablo Iglesias, analyzed the advance of the right in the world and assured that “the extreme right works with the same keys in Spain and Latin America.”

In that sense, the founder of Podemos argued that “One of the keys to the success of the extreme right and Vox has been to vampirize the rightThey have become an ideological actor who has penetrated the cultural foundations of the conservatives and leaves no room for them even for a cynical courtesy with the political adversary. “

“With me there are two irreconcilable fields: in the progressive field I received a lot of affection, but in the cultural field of the right there is hatred without nuances. I am very proud of who loves me and all the more proud of those who hate me,” he said in dialogue with AM750.

On this point, he spoke about the far-right party Vox and considered that it is “a reaction” and that “is the most complete expression of nationalist reactionism Right-wing Spaniard against Catalan independence and against Podemos “.

“His agenda is the agenda of the reaction to the issues that we put on the table. The unprecedented media aggressiveness that is deployed against Podemos has not stopped growing,” he added.

His withdrawal from politics

In another part of the interview, he referred to the decision he made this year to resign from his political posts and declared that “one must be in the place where he is most useful at all times.”

“I think it was evidence that I became a scapegoat for the right wing. There were colleagues who could play a much more useful role for the project, “she revealed.

And he added: “Now I can contribute more as a university professor, in the media or in thinking work with the 25M foundation and helping out in international relations.”

In this regard, he left a message for political leaders: “There is a problem on the left and it is that the great leaders do not know how to withdraw in time. I believe that favoring a succession that renews and dislodges the adversary is something that has to become a culture of the left, especially when we work on the feminization of positions. Politics at this time implies very high levels of attrition and there must be colleagues willing to take over when necessary. “

“The role defines a good part of who you are: Iglesias vice-president is very different from Iglesias in a medium or at the University, but the background is the same. I am very proud to have been consistent with my way of seeing politics when I have I had many responsibilities, and they made me pay dearly. The most effective way to assess a person is to see who attacks him and who defends him, “he summarized.

The importance of political communication

In another part of the interview, Iglesias stressed the importance of communicating correctly in politics: “A competing political leader must know how to communicate, they also have to have authenticity, believe what they are saying. People notice it and it has to do with the skin. People like to notice that what you’re saying is real. “

In this scenario, he noted that “the weight of the communication media is decisive and is subject to a specific ownership structure; large banks and large companies manage people’s voting intentions “.

That is why he stressed that “one of the fundamental tasks of any transformative project is to build your own cultural and ideological base and that implies the media and costs a lot of money.”

“I would settle for the left to become aware of what that represents. The most decisive actor in times of peace are the media, they present themselves as neutral but it is a big lie. The triumph of AMLO, Arce and Argentina are exceptions , the normal thing is not that the left wins because it has against everything, “he described.

Regarding the balance of forces, he stated that “there are times when situations of inequality, the effects of right-wing policies, mobilization, all of that count, but if The correlation of forces is not equated in the media, it is a matter of time before they end up winning again“since” the media are not profitable but the rich invest in one of the most important devices to maintain their power and money.

The treatment of pressure in politics

From his personal experience, the leader shared that “to think that a single person can resist the level of toxicity of the attacks is naive” and that “what makes a person resist is to be surrounded by good colleagues. the most damage can be done to a left-wing political force is fightsThat questions the community’s capacity for resistance. ”

“We have to continue to be sensitive, we have to get emotional, we must not stop crying or being indignant. I despise those who pride themselves on not being moved or being immune to injustice. I do not like psychopaths,” he concluded.


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