Oviedo gives Cervera the perfect winger for his scheme

After a month of training and tactical work under the orders of the Equatoguinean coach, the Argentine attacker has approved and exceeded all expectations, and is now preparing for his cycle in Spain

A great piece for the offensive plot has added the Real Oviedo by order of the same alvaro cervera. It is about the extreme right Leonardo Sequeira, a player who comes from acting in Mexican soccer, exactly from Querétaro FC. However, due to his Argentine nationality, he will occupy an extra-community quota.

The gaucho attacker belonged to Belgrano de Córdoba in Argentina, but was on loan to the Mexican club. Although his loan contract expired on December 31, 2022, Sequeira traveled to Spain earlier that month to join training sessions with the Oviedounder the orders of alvaro cervera.

Cervera gives Sequeira the thumbs up, and Oviedo has a new right-handed winger

The words of the Oviedista coach could not have been clearer. “They asked me about him and everything I said was good. He is a player who can help us. He is capable of occupying the top three positions, both flanks and the hole inside, and he is fast. He comes from playing in important leagues and when they consulted me, my assessment was positive ”.

After passing all the physical tests, medical examinations and convincing the entire coaching staff led by Cervera, the Carbayón team has activated the signing through Tito Blanco, sports director. In this way, Oviedo has paid a sum close to 450,000 euros for Sequeira’s transfer to Belgrano de Córdoba.

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Leonardo Sequeira has passed all the physical and football tests at Oviedo, and has become the first winter signing.

Another important factor allowed Oviedo and Cervera to have the signing of Sequeira

In the sporting field there was no doubt that the Argentine striker had all the conditions and characteristics to occupy an important place in the Oviedista offensive field. Now the administrative management was missing where the sports management had to see if there was a place for a player who does not yet have a European passport.

Fortunately, Oviedo made official the departure of the Mexican side Alonso Aceves, who did not convince the Carbayón club after playing on loan since the beginning of this season. In this way, his non-EU place will be occupied by Leonardo Sequeira, a versatile player who can occupy the extreme right or the center of the attack.

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