Oviedo can transfer Obeng to a direct rival of the Smartbank League

The carbayones club has already begun to talk about a possible departure for the Ghanaian

samuel Obeng is one of the names of Oviedo that gain relevance in the winter market due to his departure on loan. The footballer who acts as a center forward could change course due to the lack of minutes and several in Second dream of his arrival.

Let’s remember that Obeng is a cash of Oviedo 25 years old and whose contract ends in June 2024 with the Oviedista entity. This situation is what has led a good number of teams to look for his signing. This season they have lost more prominence with those of Álvaro Cervera and it does not seem that this is going to change.

Samuel Obeng will leave the team in the next few days since he did not fit into Cervera’s idea

From Oviedo he wants to advance the transfer of Samuel Obeng

In this way, the center forward is wanted by some teams, where Burgos, Ibiza and SD Huesca stand out. All those mentioned above want to keep the goals of an attacker who has shown conditions if given the opportunity. This is how he has let it be seen in previous seasons.

In that order of ideas, Oviedo can give Obeng to a direct rival, but this, in turn, would be beneficial. The current coach does not have him and the best thing will be for him to add minutes outside. Possibilities are not lacking, since his performances have not gone unnoticed.

There are several interested in taking over the striker’s services

The idea of ​​​​the sports management with the Ghanaian attacker is none other than giving him filming at another club. This will allow him to continue growing in his football and in the future, be a key contribution to the Carbayones entity. Last year he scored 8 goals in the 34 games he played, being one of the regulars in the starting lineup.

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We will have to wait then for what can happen with the future of Obeng and Oviedo. For now, this is the proposal that the Oviedo fans have for their player while the season ends season. It is an element that will have to come out as it is not to Álvaro Cervera’s taste and a loan seems to be the best alternative.

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