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Overwhelming majority believes that the president of Athletic does not have to be from the PNV

The elections are approaching and the political party once again comes up

The GNP has always been closely linked to Athletic. Perhaps for this reason, there are many athletic partners who want a hanger that does not have the political group behind it to win. However, the reality, beyond the feelings of the member of the Athleticis that the GNP It has a lot of influence on the decisions that are made in Ibaigane.

In fact, in the electoral race, two of the three candidates have the background of the GNP behind. Are Ricardo Barkala and Jon Uriarte. According to the polls, it is the latter, the young businessman, who is the top favorite to fill the vacant position that he leaves Aitor Elizegi in front of the Athletic. What it would mean to continue with the idyll between Athletic Y GNP.

Barkala Uriarte
Barkala with a polo shirt to look more youthful and casual

Favorite Uriarte

In fact, the elections are turning into a desperate fight for Barkala to emulate youthful attitudes in order to compete with Jon Uriarte. But no matter how many efforts the 67-year-old candidate makes, he does not get rid of the sanbenito image of a grandfather.

Among the peneuvistas they have clear the situation. They see Barkala as someone already old-fashioned, totally out of the profile that Athletic’s current situation demands. Jon Uriarte has everything in his hand to destroy. He owns the youth and has the PNV militant on his side.

PNV and Athletic

The fight between the three candidates is at a key moment. In just over two weeks, elections will take place that seem capital in the future of the club. Uriarte starts as the great favorite, which means that Athletic and PNV will continue to be linked.

All as much as the Athletic purists insist on finding a candidacy and a board that is not under the influence of a political party. In fact, on social networks, every time the question is asked of Athletic members, the answer is clear: they don’t want to know anything about the PNV.

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