Over 2,400 women raped in Pakistan in the name of ‘respect’ in 6 months

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Over 2,400 women raped in Pakistan’s Punjab province in 6 months


  • 2,439 women raped and 90 murdered in Pakistan
  • Every day 11 incidents of rape are reported in the country.

Lahore: Pakistan 2,439 women have been killed in the name of “respect of the family” during the last 6 months in the Punjab province of rape and 90 were murdered. This information came out in the data of Punjab Information Commission. According to statistics, 400 women were raped and more than 2,300 women abducted during this period in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

According to the recent report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 11 incidents of rape are reported every day in the country. According to the report, in the last six years (2015-21), 22,000 such cases were reported to the police. The report said that the blame is placed on the victim women in the society, due to which the morale of the perpetrators of such crimes is high. Instead of decreasing, such cases are increasing and less than one percent of the offenders are getting punished.

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“Out of 22,000 cases, only 77 were convicted and the conviction rate is 0.3 per cent,” the report said. In the report, Professor Nida Kirmani, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), said, “It is sad that rape culture prevails in Pakistan. Here the victim of sexual abuse is blamed and all men are described as violent in nature. Many people want to change this discourse but it is a difficult task.”

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