Outlook Gets a Makeover: What’s New in the Mail App

Microsoft has announced a significant change for Outlook users. A new update will rebrand the old version of Outlook as “Classic” in the future. But what does this mean exactly?

The two versions of Outlook that have been available so far have caused confusion among some new users. This is because Microsoft is introducing a new version of Outlook, but it is currently not receiving a warm welcome.

There are several reasons for this, mainly related to the new design and data protection concerns. Anyone who wants to continue using classic Outlook can do so, but for a limited time.

The new update for Outlook will be rolled out over the course of the year. At that point, users will have both “Outlook Classic” and “Outlook New” on their system, and they will be able to use both. Microsoft has also announced that the classic Outlook version will continue to receive security and maintenance updates until at least 2029. What will happen after that is currently unclear.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has maintained two parallel versions of an application. Similar attempts have been made with OneNote and Microsoft Teams, and in both cases, users complained about the lack of clarity about which version was the correct one.

By renaming it, Microsoft hopes to address this issue and suggest that users should switch to the new version. The “new” Outlook is intended to be the new standard, while Classic is more for those who prefer the old familiar interface but won’t receive any new features.

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The situation is similar with the current versions of Windows.

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