Colombo: The situation in Sri Lanka got out of control and violent protesters set fire to the houses of politicians, including the resigned Prime Minister.

According to details, public protests against economic policies intensified in Sri Lanka, protests continued despite the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Outraged protesters set fire to the home of the resigned Prime Minister, and supporters of the Sri Lankan president clashed with protesters outside the presidential palace.

In the ensuing clashes, angry mobs set fire to the houses and vehicles of politicians, killing five people, including a Member of Parliament, and injuring 190 others.

Police used tear gas shelling and water cans indiscriminately to disperse the protesters.

Curfew has been imposed across the country and the army has taken over security matters, with protesters demanding the resignation of the brother of the resigned Prime Minister Raja Pakse and Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Raja Pakse.

A spokesman for Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has confirmed that he had sent his resignation letter to President Gautama Raja Paksha after violent clashes between government supporters and protesters in the country.

On May 6, the United People’s Force (UPF), Sri Lanka’s largest opposition party, filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet, including Parliament Speaker Mahinda Paya Abi Wardana.

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka is currently in a serious financial crisis, and the country is bankrupt, Sri Lanka has less than one billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves.