Oura Smart Ring 3 is official: good news, but high price

Oura Smart Ring is practically unique in its category. It is the most popular smart ring in the world, and its third generation has just been launched, which makes it much more interesting than before.

This new smart ring finally arrives with continuous heart rate monitoring. It is good to remember that the older generation only monitored this aspect during sleep. According to the brand, the accuracy of heartbeat monitoring is 99.6%.

This new model comes with the possibility of measuring oxygen levels in the blood. But sadly, this functionality will not be available at launch, and only from 2022.

Oura Smart Ring 3 can predict menstrual cycles

One of the most interesting features of this Oura Smart Ring 3 is aimed at the female audience. This claims to be able to predict menstrual cycles 30 days in advance, using only algorithms and measuring body temperature. Get more precise with time, and notify the arrival of the deadline six days before this.

smart gold ring 3

It is good to be clear that this is a truly premium product, built in titanium. Depending on the size, it weighs 4 to 6 grams and can be dived up to 100 meters deep.

The battery of the Oura Smart Ring 3 lasts between 4 and 7 days

It all depends on whether you activate heart rate monitoring or not. Even so, the battery promises to last 4 to 7 days, which can be considered acceptable in a product of such small dimensions.

smart gold ring 3

The price is the saltiest part. The third generation of Oura Smart Ring is already in presale on the official website from € 314, and shipments begin on November 15. It is available in silver, black and gold.

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