Other than Pakistan, which three teams will make it to the Super 4? These two games will decide; know the equation

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Asian Championship 2023: So far, only the Pakistani team has qualified for the Super 4 at the 2023 Asian Cup. The qualifying position of the remaining three teams depends on two games. These two games decide which three teams make it into the Super 4. The game will be played today (September 4) between India and Nepal. At the same time, on September 5 in Group B, the match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will be played. Let us know what is the equation for Super 4?

The Pakistani team has qualified

Pakistan defeated Nepal in the first game by 238 runs. This gives you two points. Then the game between India and Pakistan was canceled due to rain. Both teams received one point each. The Pakistan team qualified for the Super 4 by taking three points in two games. At the same time, the team that wins the match between Nepal and India today (September 4) qualifies for the Super 4. On the other hand, if this game is canceled or drawn, Team India and Nepal will get one each, giving India 2 points and easily qualifying for Super-4.

This equation is created in Group B

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are in Group B. Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh in the first game by 5 wickets. At the same time, Bangladesh defeated Afghanistan in the second game by 89 runs. As a result, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka each have 2 points after a win, but Sri Lanka’s team remain in first place due to their lead in run rate. The second number is the Bangladesh team. Afghanistan is third and has yet to win a single game.

Afghanistan must win to reach Super 4

On September 5th there will be a match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. To get into the Super 4, Afghanistan has to win by a wide margin. After that, all three teams in Group B have 2-2 points, and in this case, the two teams have the better run rate. These teams qualify for Super 4.

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