Oscar Wembanyama: “I want to write my own story”

The name of Victor Wembanyama It occupies all the international covers. the player of Metropolitansmore than possible number 1 of the 2023 NBA Draft, has left his mark on world basketball in just a couple of years. His little brother, Oscar, player of ASVEL-Villeurbane and protagonist for the French team in the matches of Adidas Next GenerationEuropean tournament of inferior categorieshas made it clear that he wants to create his own path.

Basketball comes into his life after five years dedicated to another sport commonly known in the French country: the handball. “In my city, all my friends played it. It’s what he did to me get hooked to that sport,” he explained to the euroleague In an interview. “I have played very little basketball, only with my mother because she organized courses for children. I signed up for a team last year”, clarified the 1’98m player from the lower categories of ASVEL.

The reason for the change from handball to basketball was the Covid-19. “There was a time when I couldn’t do anything about Covid, and the vacuum It led me to do something new, so I chose basketball,” he continued. His love for this sport was born precisely at this stage, when he began to watch players in particular. In Europe he looks at Vezenkovplayer of olympiacos. In the NBA, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Hakeem Olajuwon and above all, Jason Williamswere the protagonists of the hours spent in front of the screen.

The link to the basket comes from blood. Not only Victor, the biggest young talent on the planet, but his sister Eve, have carved a niche for themselves in French basketball. The eldest of the three got a eurobasket sub-17 in 2017 and a championship of Europe U20 in 2021.

“My brothers have been french champions, and that has been my goal since the beginning of the season, despite having started playing now”, he stated. “My brother has helped me in many things, and has fulfilled its role Perfectly for me,” he responded about Victor.

Oscar changes the Nanterre by ASVEL with the hope of continuing to grow. “This decision allows me develop myself in a more individual way”, commented the player who fulfilled 16 years last March 8.

“My brother has become popular, this is not something new for me. I don’t feel in anyone’s shadow. My goal is not to do like him, but create my own storyas beautiful as possible, ”he clarified.

The pressure It is constant, but he knows how to carry it. “The only pressure I get is from others, from being constantly compared to Victor and all the questions I get. People see me only as his brother, and that is not the case, ”he concluded.

The Adidas NEXT Generation matches can be seen on your Youtube channel. This tournament brings together the greatest European talents seeking to gain a foothold in the best teams on the continent.

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