“The love for cycling and cycling, the enduring illusion, the desire to train and compete, and even the challenge of continuing to win”, are the reasons that have encouraged Óscar Sevilla (Ossa de Montiel, Albacete, 45 years old) to renew one more season with his current team, Medellín EPM. From Colombia, he believes that the new generation of Spanish cyclists “will make us dream.”

“I have decided to continue one more year because I continue to be excited about training and cycling, even fighting for triumphs, why not. I also believe that I can contribute my experience to the youngest, and that is also a great encouragement for me, “says Óscar Sevilla to EFE from Colombia, the country where the La Mancha was adopted.

For reasons of age, the comparison with Alejandro Valverde, active with 41 years, is inevitable. Seville sees similarities with the Murcian champion, still a reference in Spanish cycling.

“Valverde and I share the same passion for cycling”

“I don’t want to leave Valverde alone,” Seville jokes. “We are similar in relation to the bicycle, we both have passion and love for cycling, which is our passion, and we really enjoy what we do, “he explains.

Nobody better than Óscar Sevilla, a professional since 1998, to understand the case of longevity of Valverde, who debuted in 2002.

“I’m not surprised, he has great quality, he has shown it throughout his career, winning races of all kinds. His passion and the enthusiasm with which he trains is the key. It is difficult to quit cycling when you see that you continue to enjoy riding the bike and you feel valid. Alejandro is still very important and continues to pull Spanish cycling. From now on, everything he does is profit, he’s a benchmark, without a doubt. “

The reasons cited are linked to belonging to a team, Medellín, where he has been running since 2017 in the midst of a conducive personal and sports environment.

“I feel valued, with a voice, and I influence young people, I feel valued. I feel happy, they give me confidence to do competitions, calendars and give your opinion. We have already sent riders to Europe like Harold Tejada and Jonathan Caicedo, that is a source of pride for us “.

Seville faces the 2022 season with the aim of continuing to enjoy cycling. In 2021 he scored two victories in the Vuelta al Táchira and Vuelta a Colombia, successes that encourage you to continue in battle.

“I want to continue enjoying the bicycle, the races, the victories, the defeats, the trips … you learn everything from everything. Cycling has taught me everything in my life and he continues to teach me as a person and as a cyclist. In 2002 I will go for victories, to compete in races, to win or help, but above all, to enjoy. “

With the perspective that time and experience give, Sevilla sees current cycling as “exciting, fun, with many young riders already competing in the big races, without waiting as long as before, which was earned with older age “.

By cons, Seville sees in cycling that it is now practiced at a high level with some small inconvenience that he doesn’t like too much.

“We have seen attacks from afar, sometimes turned into a cycling that is too technological, controlled. The improvisation of the rider is missing. There is no doubt that there is a lot of talent, and many young people going strong “.

“Young Spaniards will soon make us dream”

As for Spanish cycling, Seville sees some established riders from whom much can still be expected, but is confident in the new batch of young people who are already breaking into the professional field.

“Alejandro Valverde is still active, but he is already on his way out; Mikel Landa still has a lot to say, Enric Mas takes the pressure after Alberto Contador, and he has done well, but they all ask him to win, which is not easy. You have to trust the young. Ayuso is there, that comes stomping, I like it a lot Carlos Rodriguez, which is very smart. I believe that a generation is coming that in 3 or 4 years will make us dream “, he comments.

Seville plans to compete in the Vuelta al Táchira, Vuelta a Venezuela, Vuelta a San Juan and tests in Chile and Costa Rica. He also hopes to be seen in Spanish races, such as Vuelta a Asturias and Castilla y León, as well as the Spanish Championships.


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