Oscar Quintana returns to Fuenlabrada

Carplus Fuenlabrada announced the signing of Óscar Quintana as coachwho in his second stage in the entity will have his predecessor in charge, José Luis Pichel, as part of his coaching staff together with Salva Guardia Quintana will try in this way to change the face of the team with the aim of achieving salvation after having previously trained him between 1997 and 2004, which earned him to be the coach with the most matches directed at the Fuenlabreños.

During that time achieved three qualifications to the ‘playoffs’ for the title, many others for European competitions, two participations in the Copa del Rey, one promotion and one relegation. It has not been the only club with which he has worked throughout his career, since he has accumulated 396 matches in the ACB adding those he played with the Real Betis, Manresa, Murcia and Andorra. It will premiere in the Fernando Martín pavilion against Lenovo Tenerife next Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

Pichel leaves office after having assumed it on the fourth day after the departure of Josep María Raventós. Although he won their first three matches, he later it has chained nine defeats that have precipitated Fuenlabrada to the last position of the table.

“The club considers José Luis Pichel an important asset of the entity’s technical structure, so it is satisfied that he continues to add to the Carplus Fuenlabrada squad,” Fuenlabrada said in a statement.

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