Osasuna going for Lucas Boyé before the free fall of Elche CF

Osasuna going for Lucas Boyé before the free fall of Elche CF

The qualifying situation of the Elche team means that the Argentine striker becomes an excellent market opportunity

The CA Osasuna continues to explore the transfer market in search of top-level players and one of the objectives is Luke boye. And it is that the Elche CF footballer does not have a good time despite the high points and in the face of the almost certain relegation of the franjiverdes, he is one of the most desirable players.

Let’s remember that Lucas Boye is one of the best values ​​of the Elche, so teams like Osasuna They have noticed your services. Currently, those of Martínez Valero are in box 20 of the classification and with just 5 points they are condemned to fall to Second.

The rojillos look for the signing of the Argentine

Osasuna wants to get ahead in the signing of Lucas Boyé

In this way, this situation has led the rojillos to be interested in the services of the 26-year-old Argentine. Although this season he has not shown a superlative level, he is one of those who tries the most to generate options in the rival field. His fight is what makes him one of the biggest orders on the market.

In that order of ideas, it is expected that Osasuna can launch a first offer for Lucas Boyé in the coming days. The South American footballer could be the striker Jagoba Arrasate is waiting for and even more so at a time when they could lose Chimy Ávila. With the news of the people from Elche and the Argentine’s contract nearing completion, his value would be on the decline.

The Elche CF crisis accelerates the departure of several of its best elements

The current campaign is pure terror for Elche CF. They have barely scored 11 goals in the 17 games they have played. In the case of Boyé, he has scored just one goal in the fifteen games he has played. Of course, in the two previous seasons the scorer scored 14 goals.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. At the moment, he will be one of the names to take into account from the El Sadar club facing the market, since they need goals and the best thing will be to shield themselves from the eventual departure of one of their offensive troops.


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