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Osasuna calls FC Barcelona to request another transfer to Laporta

Still waiting for a miracle for Ez Abde, the rojillo team is preparing another operation related to the Barça club, this time to request the services of a talented defender but forgotten by Xavi Hernández.

The sports management of CA Osasuna is working hard for a new assignment, this time for their defense, before the departure of Aridane Hernández. Thus, the Ez Abde operation is no longer the only one in which the rojillo club works together with the FC Barcelona. But leaving aside that of the Moroccan attacker, Braulio Vázquez concentrates on the rear.

This time it is a defender who has not counted for much for Xavi, and for obvious reasons he has it in his discard folder. In addition, he is one of the players with the lowest chip, which increases the chances of success. The most likely thing is that Laporta will authorize this transfer to Pamplona, ​​since they maintain good relations with Osasuna.

Osasuna loan
Jagoba Arrasate believes that Eric García is the most optimal replacement for Aridane Hernández.

The transfer of Eric García, new objective of CA Osasuna

The replacement of Aridane Hernández is what worries Jagoba Arrasate the most when planning his defensive squad. For this reason, Mr. Berriatuarra believes that Eric García is the most suitable for the position, since his qualities and characteristics are tremendous. Another thing is that in the culé club there are defenders above the former Manchester City, and as a result they don’t have many opportunities.

Both Laporta and Xavi think the transfer of the young man from Martorell to the Navarrese team is very prudent. This will not only give one of Barca’s most forgotten players a run for their money, but it will boost their level, just as they did with Abde. Thus, the operation depends on the final authorizations from the Blaugrana board of directors.

Osasuna’s direct rival in the loan of Eric García

If there is a percentage of failure in the operation of the team from Pamplona and the Catalan defender, it is because of Olympique de Marseille. More specifically Marcelino García, who is the top manager in the signing of the young defender to the French team. At this point, both clubs have almost the same chances of winning the transfer, since both squads have the same number of players at the back (4).

Osasuna has faith that Barcelona will grant him the signing of Eric García, since the best argument has its own name, Ez Abde. The level that the Moroccan attacker took is proof that the rojillo team is capable of repowering those players that the culé team considers that they are not ready. However, the last word belongs to Joan Laporta.

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