Osasuna 0 – Real Madrid 2: summary, goals and result of the match

What a minute he has left us! How does it feel?: “I am very happy to continue adding minutes with the team of my life. I work every day to get rewards like this and I will continue working to continue achieving goals”.

How many assists did you plan to give until it counted?: “I play my game. It has happened like that and I am very happy ”.

What did the coaching staff ask of you when you were about to leave?: “That they all fight, that I keep them and that they give oxygen to the team.”

How is the dressing room receiving you?: “It is a great group, they have welcomed me very well. I get along well with everyone and I really appreciate the support.”

What is the most special congratulation you have received there in the group?: “Camavinga came and started punching me in the stomach. Fede Valverde has also told me that he was very happy for me and everyone has congratulated me”.

What do you notice the most about them?: “In the humility they have despite being in such a big club. In all the work they do every day and the competitiveness they have”.

We have seen him celebrate with his parents. How do they feel?: “It is an immense happiness that they are here. My mother’s husband, Juan Carlos, and my mother Pilar are the most important things I have in my life and sharing moments like this with them is a great happiness”.

How are you after returning from the U-20 South American with Uruguay?: “I feel very good. Going with Uruguay has helped me a lot to find another game. When I came back I felt very well and I think I’ve shown that”.

Alvaro Rodriguez,Real Madrid player, on Real Madrid Tv

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