Ortuño, when nobody expected it

The FC Cartagena achieved the second win of the season against Real Sociedad ‘B’. He got it in a duel that was headed for a draw in an incomprehensible way, as both teams had clear scoring opportunities in the first period. When nobody expected it, in the added time, Ortuño left the three points in the port city and thus closes a great week for those of Carrión, who won last Monday in Zaragoza. Another good news for the locals, the hopeful debut of Mohammed Dauda.

Arrive to goalless break was a miracle. There was a cascade of occasions in the two areas. The first, as soon as the shock started, he had it Lobete in a heads up before Marc Martinez who won the Catalan goal. It was the first of his many successes. FC Cartagena responded soon, with a foul from the center of the field of Alcala that crashed into the crossbar. This scare had more effect on the adversary. The occasion of the central, together with a great Mohammed Dauda, put the game face to face for the albinegros. The Ghanaian winger, in his first intervention, left two defenders and gave a pass back to Gallar, whose shot hit a defender and ended up stopping Ayesa in two halves. Later, Cayarga shot, Ayesa did not save and Gallar he is not right with the rejection either. It had not yet reached 20 ‘and those of Carrión were different to those of the three previous commitments.

Real Sociedad B needed to breathe and they did it. The stoppage to attend to Dauda helped him catch a breath and grab the ball. With the ball at their feet, the pupils of Xabi Alonso They demonstrated their quality and self-confidence. Djouahra had a double chance: on one he ran into Marc and the stick and in another with the keeper. He also had it graceful and again, for the umpteenth time, Marc reappeared to avoid the 0-1.

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Dauda had lost steam and FC Cartagena was noticing it. But before the break came the best opportunity, the third for Gallar. Tejera stealing the ball in the pressure, Dauda touch for Castro and left the ram at ’10’, who sent her to the clouds practically from the penalty spot. In the closing stages, Sangalli looked for the goal but his shot went wide and a goal was disallowed by Delmás for offside by Castro at the beginning of the play.

A different match

Did not have nothing to do the second period with what was seen in the first. The two teams accused the fatigue, especially an FC Cartagena that noticed the loss of Dauda, ​​who did not jump onto the pitch when he was replaced by Kawaya. It was this one that participated in the best occasion of the premises, with a center that toured the small area of ​​Donostia. For their part, the visitors handled the ball, but their best option was a shot from Kortajarena that Marc Martínez did not block well and which Martón narrowly missed.

The added jumped the surprise. Center measured from the right of Delmas and great header from Ortuño to seal the triumph. There was no time for the reaction of the visitors, who conceded their first goal of the course and saw how they missed a point of a duel that they had controlled.

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