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Ortega is silent on the resolution that requires him to return the office to the OAS

Ortega guarda silencio sobre resolución que le exige devolver oficina a OEA

The Nicaraguan government of President E has remained silent on the resolution of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), which demanded this Friday to return the offices confiscated from that organization in Managua at the end of April.

Neither President Ortega nor his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, have referred to that resolution, which was approved with 29 votes in favor, 3 abstentions and two absences, in which Nicaragua is required to assume responsibility for "all breaches of its international legal obligations".

On April 30, President Ortega declared Nicaragua to withdraw from the OAS, an organization he resigned from on November 19, 2021, a measure that will take two years to be effective, that is, until November 2023.

Nicaragua formalized the expropriation of the building that the OAS occupied in Managua at the end of April, one day after it declared that property to be of public utility, after announcing the expulsion of the organization from that country.

Nicaragua had reported days before its decision to withdraw the credentials of its representatives to the OAS, as well as the closure of the offices of that body in the capital, which it will use to house a "museum of infamy"According to the government.


For its part, the opposition Blue and White National Unity applauded the resolution of the OAS Permanent Council, although, it considered, it is "insufficient" to influence Ortega.

"It is a new reminder to the illegitimate regime that governs Nicaragua that more than two-thirds of countries in the hemisphere condemn the authoritarian and outlaw course that the dictatorship is taking us on."pointed out that opposition group.

"However, we consider that this resolution is insufficient (…). That (occupation of the OAS office in Managua) requires stronger and exemplary measures"he added.

The opposition organization sued the regional body "convene a meeting of consultations of ministers of foreign affairs in accordance with article 61 of the OAS Charter".

"The situation in Nicaragua has exceeded all limits of tolerance, seriousness, and urgency"argued that opposition unit.

For his part, former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS Arturo McFields described "dramatic" the position of the two neighboring countries of Nicaragua that abstained in the vote, El Salvador and Honduras.

"Dramatic change in El Salvador that refrained from condemning the assault on the OAS headquarters by Ortega Murillo. Honduras also did it, although it is not surprising. There is a dark and dangerous dictatorial turn in Central America"McFields noted on his Twitter account.

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