Oriol Romeu stands out… as a scorer

oriol romeu He is not only meeting the expectations that were generated in Girona with his signing, but he is exceeding them. The midfielder is signing a season to frame and his good work is one of the reasons why the rojiblanco team is getting closer to sealing their permanence for another season in the First Division. Míchel, whenever he has the opportunity, is full of praise for him and does not hesitate to comment that “He is one of those footballers who makes those around him better”. Romeu has played 25 games this season with the rojiblanca shirt, all as a starter, and he is also managing to reveal himself as a goalscorer. Last Sunday, against Elche, he signed his second goal of the season, which is his record. He has matched the two goals he scored last season with Southampton.

In Girona they are delighted with an Oriol Romeu who, apart from being a great recuperator, when he joins the attack does not fail. He has two goals, the aforementioned against Elche and another against Valladolid, and both served to win. “Tick? It rarely happens, so when you see the ball go in the feeling is very good. And more if it serves to help the team add up”, comments a medium that treasures physical power, but also quality and since his arrival, the Girona team has not stopped growing. The fans, coaching staff and teammates have a predilection for a footballer who has rope for a while.

Oriol Romeu knows, and does not hide, that his work is more defensive than offensive, but Girona has awakened his scoring nose. so much that He has only needed 25 games in the Girona block to score two goals. It is true that comparisons are odious, but it is already They are more than those he achieved during his time at Valencia (18 games, no goals), Stuttgart (28-0), Chelsea (33-1) and Barcelona B (49-1). At Southampton, in the 256 games he played, he only managed to celebrate eight goals. His ‘return home’ is doing wonderfully for an Oriol Romeu who with each passing day shows that he is one of the best First Division footballers.

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“You have to continue to be ambitious, let’s see how far the team goes”

Girona is getting closer to permanence. The rojiblanco team has an 11-point margin with respect to the relegation that has caused the state of optimism to be decreed in the city, although it is time to continue exuding humility. Oriol Romeu spoke about the team’s situation and explained that “the victory against Elche meant a lot and we cannot fool ourselves, the situation is very good. We have 38 points and the feelings and dynamics of the team are very positive. Of course, we must continue working with humility. And also continue to be ambitious, let’s see how far the team goes”.

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