Oriol Romeu, a bath of reality

Except capital surprise, oriol romeu will become a new player of the barca twelve years after leaving the farmhouse. The signing is great news for the romantics, who see the return of the midfielder from uldecona recognition of a long journey for someone who always dreamed of playing in the Barça first team and who will be rewarded for his hard work.

But the return of oriol romeubeyond that Xavi see in him an interesting player profile that can be useful at certain times to give stability to a team with a tendency to break up, he is a symbol of the harsh economic reality of Barca. It is public that the expectations of the coach of the barca they were much higher. For a whole year he has demanded the signing of the realist zubimendi, but in the club nobody has listened to him. Later, he slipped that it would be good to try to sign kimmich to try to keep the level of demand with the club high, at least in public opinion. Laporta deflated the balloon quickly: “They won’t come or kimmich neither zubimendi”. Where the coach did not go is because of the idea of ​​bringing from the wolverhampton to Ruben Neves, a ‘promise’ from the president to Mendes that was rejected from the beginning by the coach. Yeah zubimendi did not come, Neves neither. The opportunity for the Croatian Brozovic, a prestigious and well-known player, also appeared. But Barça, from which the levers have disappeared this summer, could not access it either.

So, at the end of the casting to replace Sergio Busquets there were two options. A part of the technical leadership considers that Nico He has a sufficient level to play there and that a 21-year-old boy must be given the opportunity before someone over thirty. However, there the casting vote of Xaviwhich does not see Nico as a positional midfielder and considers that he does not have a player of the specificity of Oriol Romeu in a squad that is full of exceptional midfielders (Dejong, Pedro, Gundogan, Gavi…), but in which none responds to Oriol Romeu’s robot-portrait of a footballer, more positional, stable and defensive. Someone who can hold the equipment.

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The unknown now is to know what performance it offers in a large oriol romeu. In it Chelsea did not materialize and the great leap in his career was given in the southampton, with whom he played 256 games. TO Stamford BridgeYes, he came young. Today he is a more mature footballer and last season he performed satisfactorily in the Girona of Michel. Finally, he expressed The league all the football that he has inside. Low expectations can also help you land. He is going to be a cheap player (his signing of him will be around four or five million euros), he is Catalan and from home. And that always adds up. The fans will look at him with good eyes but elite football is cruel, so he will also be asked to perform. oriol romeu It is a good reality check for Barça these days, but that does not mean that the Barça club has signed a lesser player. Romeu will fight against prejudice.

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