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Origi leaves Liverpool

Origi leaves Liverpool

The Liverpool has confirmed today that he has disassociated himself from Divock Original, who ended his contract at the end of this month. It has been known for several months that the Belgian was not going to continue at Anfield since he refused to extend his contract for a longer time since his intention was to find a new club that guarantees him to be a starter from next year, in the next few days your next destination will be known.

The reds offered to extend his contract since he is an institution in the club, however, the player has preferred to disassociate himself in order to have the opportunity to be important in another team, in addition, he had very good offers on the table. In recent years the Belgian has become a luxury substitute at Liverpool, he has rarely been a starter, but whenever he has jumped on the pitch he has been essential for the English team.

Calcium, your next destination

In recent weeks it has been asserted that the fate of Divock Original it would be AC ​​Milan, a club that has guaranteed him to be a starter on the pitch since the Rossoneri need to improve their forward for next year. In the next few days it seems that his arrival at San Siro will become official, since it is the club that has finished convincing him.

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