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Ordered to resign, Damien Abad leaves his post as president of the LR deputies and goes on leave from the party

A page seems to be turning between Damien Abad and Les Républicians. The boss of the LR deputies, summoned to resign by the party leadership, announced Thursday, May 19, his immediate departure from office and his “leave” from the Republicans, in an interview with the . “I decide today to leave my position as president of the LR group in the Assembly for the sake of clarity, consistency and responsibility,” said Damien Abad, at the heart of speculation about a rapprochement with the majority, but who assured that his choice was not dictated “by any electoral logic”.

“I have no comment to make on the composition of the government”, he assured, while many saw the sign of a rapprochement with the macronie in the fact that LREM does not present any candidate in his constituency ( the 5th of Ain). “There is no counterpart” and “I am not in a logic of haggling”, he hammered. The president of LR Christian Jacob had asked Damien Abad on Thursday morning to “leave his functions”, in the face of his reluctance to “get out of the ambiguity”.

“Differences” with his party

Damien Abad, who claims to have received “many messages of support from LR deputies” who “share (his) political line”, explains his choice by “differences” with his party which “have accelerated in recent weeks” . “I find it regrettable that some within our family make Emmanuel Macron the number one adversary. When I leave office, I see a real political disagreement. I no longer recognize myself in the LR approach”, he explains. . Assuring that “other personalities think like (him), such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-François Copé or Philippe Juvin”, he advocates “a line of clarity and responsibility, corresponding to a force of government”. “I remain a right-wing man but I am taking leave from my LR party”, he sums up.


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