Order to expel foreigners from Saudi Arabia!

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Department has sentenced several foreigners to deportation if found guilty of violating the country’s laws.

According to Arab media reports, many immigrants have been ordered to be deported in Saudi Arabia if found guilty. The Passport Department issued 10,700 disciplinary rulings against Saudis and expatriates violating residency, employment and border peace laws.

The report said that these violations were recorded from December 5, 2021 to January 3, 2022 and now the culprits have been punished.

The state’s passport department has sentenced Saudis and foreigners living abroad to prison terms, fines and deportations for violating the law, which will be enforced.

Judgments were also handed down against Saudi nationals who provided transport, employment and shelter to illegal immigrants. He also helped protect such foreigners from law enforcement.

The Passport Department has requested the public to reach out to violators of residence, employment and border peace laws and to assist us in their report.


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