Oppo prepares for the launch of a new biometric authentication technology

Oppo is currently the leading brand in the mobile device market in China and one of the most innovative with its products. Taking this status, the company now takes an important step to put a new way of unlocking on its equipment.

Oppo wants to use your veins as an authentication method

This is a patent, now discovered, that aims to use the user’s veins as a differentiating parameter. A new way for your technology teams to distinguish people.

The now published patent was filed with the competent authorities in 2019. A document purporting to describe a “venous unblocking method and vein unblocking device”.

In short, it is a new biometric authentication method with many possible applications. As with facial recognition or fingerprint sensors, it is proposed to use human biometrics to ensure access to a particular product or service.

In this case, the system will be able to map the veins in the hand of a certain individual. It will do this by measuring the thickness and other unique characteristics of human veins to recognize a particular entity.

This is not the first time we have heard of such technology. In fact, LG has already released something similar on one of its smartphones, which is known as Hand ID.

Also there, the system proposed mapping the user’s hand and using their veins as a method of unlocking the smartphone. However, this technology was not successful in the market, having gone unnoticed by most users.

Oppo will thus be able to revive this technology in some of its equipment. Something that is not guaranteed, even because a patent never guarantees that it will apply.

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