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OPPO is the next big manufacturer to return to the Android tablet market

The search for new work platforms reached new all-time highs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The arrival of remote work or telecommuting, in fact, has stimulated the stagnant market for tablets, especially in the Android universe.

However, we saw Huawei introducing new high-end tablets, as well as Xiaomi with the Mi Pad 5 range launching new products to the market. Now, OPPO will also introduce a new Android tablet that will arrive in 2021.

This is the first image of OPPO’s new Android tablet

Android tablet OPPO
The image was released by the prolific Digital Chat Station.

Just as Realme prepares Realme Tab, so does OPPO, its parent company will prepare a new Android tablet. The information has now been advanced by the prolific leaker. Digital chat station through the Chinese social network Weibo.

We remind you that the OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO and Realme brands belong to the same entity, the multinational BBK Electronics, so several of its products share the same DNA. However, each manufacturer has its specialty, OPPO operating in most cases. cousin mobile device market, while Realme specializes in cost-effective solutions.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the recently published information leak mentions a new Android tablet aimed at the segment cousin. This is OPPO’s noble area of ​​operation with its products denoting higher overall quality.

Android tablet will hit the Android market with premium quality

The leakage of information perpetrated by the filter Digital chat station.

Along with the description of the product as a new tablet. cousin, OR filter DGS accounts for its similarities to the current Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6. Well, this tablet from Huawei is also a high-quality product, understated design and premium construction.

Still according to the filter The new Android tablet will use an adapted version of OPPO’s ColorOS 12 interface to increase productivity in the tablet format. It is expected to have support for one station or dock with a desktop similar to that of a Windows computer. For that, you will also have widgets for quick operations, among other shortcuts.

Also, this ColorOS 12 will focus on full integration between OPPO smartphones and the brand’s smartwatches. In short, with the aim of creating an intelligent ecosystem that also enhances the productivity that will be derived from this work solution.

However, there is currently no set date for the presentation of the OPPO tablet.

OPPO will also bring back the OPPO N range of smartphones

The OPPO A53 smartphone costs from € 146.87 on Amazon.ES

Currently, OPPO has in its portfolio five ranges or lines of smartphones. Namely, the OPPO A (cheaper), OPPO F, OPPO Reno (mid-range) and finally the OPPO Find (high-end). However, we will soon have the OPPO N.

This thesis has been advanced by various sources based in China, pointing to the return of this experimental range. Although the purpose of such an option is unknown, we can certainly suggest a new range to try for the folding format.

That is, it would not be entirely unthinkable for the OPPO N to be made up of folding smartphones. The format has been adapted by all the major manufacturers, so the jade brand should not be left out.

Finally, we have more news from OPPO coming in September.

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