Oppo band: opinion and in-depth analysis

Health bracelets have become a very popular accessory. Thanks to them, you can follow the steps, measure the calories we burn, monitor heart rate and better understand the quality of our sleep, among other features. If you play sports, you can keep a record of your workouts.

Recently, Oppo announced its activity bracelet Oppo Band, It offers a good number of health features (SpO2 monitoring, heart rate, breathing exercises, training log, etc.) and is affordable.

The bracelet was launched in two versions, Sport and Style, whose only difference is in the bracelet: fluor rubber on the Style model and TPU on the Sport model. The model I tried is the Oppo Band Sport, with a sportier look.

Banda Oppo has an official price of €49.00, but you can find it for just 🛒 34.00 on sale, so it’s quite affordable.

I had the chance to try the Oppo Band bracelet for several weeks and then I present my impressions of her.

The Oppo band has a body made of polycarbonate that is inserted into a strip made of flexible elastomeric material similar to that used in many sports watches. The bracelet is finished in matte black and is close to your wrist when you wear it.

The buckle is an aluminum skewer inserted into one of the holes in the strap. The bracelet is available in only one size but can accommodate wrist circumferences between 130 and 205 mm, making it suitable for anyone. The strip width is 15 mm.

When adjusting the wrist strap, the presence of a heart rate sensor implies that we must take some care so that it stays in permanent contact with the skin to measure your heart rate continuously.

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