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OPPO and OnePlus banned in Germany due to Nokia, the Chinese manufacturer has already reacted

smart phones from OPPO and da one plus disappeared from Germany, at least for now. In fact, according to the Wirtschaftswoche publication, OPPO may completely withdraw from the German market, and other manufacturers such as Vivo may also be in the crosshairs of the latest patent dispute.

In fact, a patent dispute is at stake in the German market, resulting in restrictions on the availability and marketing of smartphones and devices from OPPO and their respective brands, such as OnePlus and Realme. The legal dispute reached the Munich courts with a lawsuit filed by Nokia against OPPO for patents and intellectual property.

Nokia has filed a well-founded lawsuit with the Munich courts.

one plus
OnePlus official website in Germany, no products available anymore.

The lawsuit filed by the Finnish Nokia sought to claim the rights of various patents and intellectual property that OPPO and its equipment would be infringing. A Munich court would then back up the plaintiff, leading to OPPO and OnePlus devices being quickly withdrawn from the German market.

However, the Chinese manufacturer has already reacted, despite the fact that it has still obeyed the court order and has withdrawn all its mobile phones and devices from the market in question. It should be noted that both the OnePlus and OPPO online stores have withdrawn their previously available smartphones in Germany.

The expulsion of OPPO and OnePlus by Germany was the inevitable result after the defendant (OPPO) refused to pay Nokia’s patent fees. In short, the infringement of a 5G patent in Germany led to the withdrawal of this manufacturer’s smartphones from German stores.

OPPO has already reacted to Nokia’s action in Germany

“As the owner of many 5G patents, OPPO highly values ​​the role of IP in innovation. We have a history of establishing license agreements with many leading companies and are committed to promoting a healthy ecosystem of IP. 4G Contract between OPPO and Nokia, Nokia immediately went to court to ask for an excessively high renewal fee.”

“Our long-term commitment to the German market remains intact and we are proactively working with the relevant entities to resolve all issues that are being discussed. While sales and marketing of relevant products are currently suspended on our channels, OPPO will continue to operate in Germany. In the meantime, consumers will be able to continue using OPPO products, access after-sales services, receive future OS updates, and much more.”

Finally, the German example can quickly scale with other European markets, which is the biggest danger for the Chinese manufacturer.

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