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OPPO Air Glass: the new smart glasses are worthy of the Dragon Ball saga

OPPO has just presented its first augmented reality smart glasses during the OPPO INNO Day 2021 event, the third edition of this certainly technological one. They are the OPPO Air Glass and they seem to have been taken directly from the Dragon Ball saga.

In order not only to measure the power of the world around us, but above all to give us useful contextual information on a small screen (and a new microprojector) in which green is the predominant color, we have here the first smart glasses ( or monocle) from the manufacturer.

OPPO Air Glass glasses will hit stores in China

Light, thin, beautiful 🤩#OPPOAirGlass You’ll enhance your work AND your workouts with our self-developed Spark Microprojector 📽️ and four intuitive interaction methods: touch, voice, hand gestures, and head movements.# OPPOINNODAY2021 pic.twitter.com/t5HGtHrPrr

– OPPO (@oppo) December 14, 2021

The event showed us a functional version of this product that shares the traits of the Saiyan Scouters from the Dragon Ball saga. However, in this case the user can have access to useful information from his agenda, weather, among other information.

It will be useful for real-time translations, navigation instructions and directions, for example from Google Maps, as well as for the presentation of text messages (SMS) or even emails that are presented in front of us.

Bring contextual information before our eyes

OPPO air glass
The overall look of the OPPO Air Glass’s “smart” lens.

The product can be divided into two parts or modules. The first is the “smart” module with all the functional components of the OPPO Air Glass. The second, the temples made to measure to compensate and balance the weight of the “smart” part of the glasses.

However, the OPPO Air Glass smart module can be used in practically any eyeglass frame by attaching itself through powerful magnets. However, they can get heavier on the side this accessory is attached to.

The internal components of OPPO Air Glass.

Still, OPPO claims that the OPPO Air Glass (the smart component) weighs around 30 grams. There we have not only the battery and the integrated circuits, but also a microprojector nicknamed “Spark Micro Projector” the size of a coffee bean.

This projector is protected by a metal housing and the lens is protected by sapphire crystal to ensure maximum durability and is powered by a Micro-LED screen. Finally, this entire smart module weighs only 30 grams according to the manufacturer.

The “engine” of Air Glass is the Snapdragon 4100 processor

The OPPO Air Glass glasses integrate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4100 processor, a chip designed for portable devices or usable. In addition, we have a touch sensitive area to control the glasses, dual microphones and the speaker.

Currently, OPPO Air Glass glasses can only be paired via Bluetooth with the OPPO Watch 2 smartwatch and smartphones that use the brand’s ColorOS 11 interface. Subsequently, the manufacturer ensures that all smartphones in its group, including the OnePlus and possibly Realme, will also be able to enjoy this new product.

In addition, the OPPO Air Glass can be controlled through voice, touch, and head and hand gestures. However, the latter is only possible if the user uses the OPPO Watch 2 smartwatch.

The shape of the lens is inspired by the wings of cicadas.

Highlights include the speaker, magnetic attachment area, and Air Glass lens.

The lens of these glasses measures just 0.7mm (thick) in the shape of “cicada wings,” according to OPPO Product Manager Yi Xu. It is on this lens that content will be displayed with a maximum brightness of 1400 nits.

It should also be noted that the frame is available in gray (silver) as well as black, with two sizes available to customers.

In practice, in addition to displaying phone notifications and navigation instructions, the OPPO Air Glass can answer (and mediate) phone calls, or even listen to music, even if the sound is only emitted through one speaker (one channel).

OPPO Air Glass will receive more features in the future

However, OPPO claims to be working hard to bring more functions to the glasses, for example the telepoint function. In this way, Air Glass can be useful during a conference or presentation.

Among the practical applications available, the OPPO product manager mentioned the ability to translate in real time between two people using Air Glass. Therefore, if person A speaks English and person B speaks Mandarin, the subtitles can be displayed in real time on the lens of the glasses.

However, at the moment OPPO Air Glass only supports the translation between English and Mandarin. However, there is promise of translation support between Mandarin and Japanese, as well as Mandarin and Korean “soon” according to Xu.

Smart glasses hit China’s domestic market in 2022

Finally, the OPPO Air Glass have autonomy of up to three hours of use with a charge. The manufacturer also announced that it will make the APK available to any programmer interested in developing applications for this new platform.

The product itself will begin shipping during the first quarter of 2022 in China. There is currently no official information on the price of smart glasses.

On a last note, the device will be available in Black or White, having two custom frames as accessories.

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