Operation stopped at Valencia CF because of Lino

The Brazilian winger is being one of the best players in the Santander League, but now he is a problem for the sports management’s plans in the transfer market

samuel lino has been the great success of Valencia CF in recent years. The chef team quickly closed his loan after learning of his signing for Atlético de Madrid. At first, his arrival did not generate great expectations, since he arrived as a complete stranger after passing through the Portuguese league. But only a few weeks have been enough for him to demonstrate his full potential.

The player quickly became essential piece for Gattuso’s plans, being one of the revelations of the league. In fact, he is one of the players who dribbles the most in all of Europe, attracting the interest of the big clubs of the old continent. But Samuel Lino’s future has been decided and he will not be related to Valencia CF.

Gattuso Singapore Valencia
Gattuso will be key to deciding on the arrival of this new signing

Valencia CF stops a signing for Samuel Lino

As we have commented, the Brazilian winger is owned by Atlético de Madrid. The loan agreement between the two clubs does not include any purchase option, although Valencia CF contacted the rojiblancos several weeks ago to ask the player’s price. However, they came across a clear answer back: Samuel Lino is not for sale.

In this way, they already know that their signing, except for a last-minute surprise, will be impossible. Now they find themselves in a dilemma, because they have an operation on stand-by because of Samuel Lino. An operation that is a new transfer, in which they have been working since last summer. And this is the loan of Bryan Gil, who is pushing again to return to Valencia CF.

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Bryan Gil, waiting for Valencia CF’s decision

Samuel Lino is currently the team’s undisputed starter on the left wing. The same position in which Bryan Gil plays, which is why the sports management does not know whether or not to close his return. And it is that they consider that they are two first level players, but incompatible due to their position on the pitch. Even more so considering that on the right wing they lose almost all their potential.

The Barbate footballer continues to press to return to the Che team, but at the moment there has been no decision made. Gattuso himself will have to decide whether to unite two roosters in the same pen or whether to keep the squad as it has been until now. And it is that for the moment Valencia CF has done very well with Samuel Lino without direct competition, so they are at a great crossroads. A crossroads that the team Peter Lim will have to decide before the market closes.

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