The popular NFT marketplace OpenSea has reportedly compromised their Discord. The attacker is now posting several phishing links on their server through an account that was apparently an official bot.

YouTube Genesis Mint Pass

This was initially made public after a Discord user named Jasper revealed that the popular NFT marketplace’s server had been infiltrated.

The linked phishing post claims that OpenSea has partnered with online video platform YouTube to bring the YouTube community into the NFT space. It would therefore release a ‘YouTube Genesis Mint Pass’, which would allow the generation of free NFTs. With the link, the attackers tried to steal as much sensitive information as possible from inattentive users.

The Discord server admins have not yet spoken about the incident and it is not yet clear whether any assets have been stolen from users. The specific channel on which the links are posted seems to have already been removed. Several community discussions are currently underway about the incident and a report from the team should provide a clearer picture.

Social platforms increasingly targeted by hackers

However, it is more common for hackers to target the social platforms of NFT projects. For example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club has seen both its Discord server and Instagram page hacked. The result was a loss in NFTs.

It seems that hackers are finding new ways to steal money and are posting phishing links to trick-holders saying they can mint NFTs.

OpenSea has also had problems with malicious parties posing as, among other things, personnel of the marketplace via the Discord server. However, they are often attacks that are successfully performed on a regular basis. By applying simple but clever tricks, they often manage to make a few victims. Because of this, it is expected that this will certainly not be the last attack of this kind.


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